Dogs Are Heroes | Dogs Saving Human Lives

5. Khan saves toddler from a deadly snake
In 2007, this Doberman Pinscher saved 17 month old, Charlotte from a deadly snake seven days after being adopted from an animal shelter. Khan, who is called the “Wonder Dog” by his owners saw a King Brown snake (one of the world’s most venomous snakes) approach Charlotte. When the snake was about to bite Charlotte, Khan pushed her away which ended up in the snake biting Khan. Khan was given an anti-venom shot and is recuperating from the incident. His owners know he had saved little Charlotte’s life by risking his own.
4. Foster dog saves his best friend’s life
Peyton’s mom, Christi, planned to foster TatorTot temporarily. After a couple of weeks she realized TatorTot belonged in her home. One day, a couple of hours after putting Peyton to sleep, she saw TatorTot barking and running back and forth between Christi and Peyton’s room. Christi thought TatorTot was playing but he didn’t stop running until Christi went to Peyton’s room. She found him barely breathing and he wasn’t waking up. Christi took Peyton to emergency and was told his blood sugar was dangerously low. Christi said if it wasn’t for TatorTot, Peyton wouldn’t be alive.
3. The Tsunami savior
Babu, a 12 year old Shih-Tzu saved her 83 year old owner before the tsunami. This is unbelievable. She made Tami, her owner, go for a walk even though Babu hates going for walks. She also made her owner climb a hill. When Tami turned around, she saw the Tsunami washing her home away. What a hero!
2. Bosch, the golden retriever who never gave up
This beautiful golden retriever will melt your heart. Bosch, the Philippine Coast Guard’s Labrador Retriever received a lot of praises after retrieving four bodies during an earthquake that hit the Philippines. He was also an integral part of the rescue operations during a landslide that hit the country. For his bravery and hard work, Bosch was given a medal by Philippine’s president.
1. Kilo the Pit Bull
This loyal companion, Kilo, a 12 year old Pit Bull was shot during a home invasion robbery as he ran after the thief, and took a bullet to the head to save his owners. The bullet made it into the dog’s skull and exited at the neck. Kilo was taken to a vet and miraculously, after three days, was up and going for walks. This heroic act is remarkable.