Dogs Are Heroes

5. Katrina, The Heroic Black Labrador

This beautiful black Labrador became a hero during Hurricane Katrina. As the waters rose, she saw a man in trouble. Before the man drowned, Katrina grabbed the man and took him to a safer location. Since the waters were so deep, this remarkable dog had to remain calm until rescue teams were able to save her and the man.

4. Louie Saved Her Owner Thanks to The Panic Button

Judith Shaw, who suffers from glaucoma, blacked out after having extreme pains in her chest and back. During this time, Louie, her dog, called for assistance by pressing the panic button and yelping into the intercom. Judith trained Louie to use the panic button, which provides direct access to care services. Thanks to Louie’s heroic gesture, Judith quickly received the help she needed and her loyal friend was awarded an animal bravery award after saving her owner.

3. Just a Call Away

Joe adopted his German shepherd, Buddy, when the dog was an 8 week old puppy. Joe taught Buddy to retrieve the phone when he started experiencing seizure symptoms. If Joe were to black out or be unable to make the call, Buddy was trained to use his teeth to press a speed dial button that calls 911. When Buddy was just 18 months old, he called 911 and began barking into the phone. A few minutes later paramedics arrived to Joe’s house and found him unconscious. After spending a couple days in the hospital, he recovered thanks to his fast acting dog, Buddy.

2. Bretagne, The 911 Hero

Bretagne was only 2 years old when the Twin Towers fell. She went with her handler to Ground Zero to help in the searches on 9/11. She was one of the September 11th heroes and was the last surviving rescue dog from those unforgettable attacks. She recently passed away at the age of 17.

1. A family Hero

This adorable and impossible to resist dog guarded their home by barking until their owner woke up to inform him that a snake was in their house.Imagine what could have happened if it wasn’t for these dogs’ bravery?! Do you have any heroic dog stories you would like to share? We would love to read them.