What Food Should Your Dogs Be Eating

It’s not what foods your dogs should be eating it’s what is in the foods they should be eating. It is very important for your dogs to be healthy and it all starts with what’s in their food we here at Just For Dogs recommend that you try different foods before landing on one. There are many things to look for when trying different foods, for example “buzz words” which basically means that the word looks good on the package so you will purchase it faster.

Also the amount of protein in the food should depend on the dogs activity, age, and breed. Another thing to look out for is if the food is grain free or includes grain, we recommend you try food that include grain food because the FDA has recently announced that they believe grain free food possibly is linked to canine heart disease. For more details Click Here. Ultimately you should survey and research all the foods your dogs try so you can find the perfect fit so your dog can be as healthy as possible.

I have placed a link to our absolute favorite dog food below. I personally use this dog food for my golden retriever and my french bull dog. This particular dog food has been recommended to me by my vet and countless friends. Then I did my own research and came to the same conclusion, that Diamond Naturals is the the best dog food available based on health and the dogs enjoyment eating it. I really hope that this has helped you.