All-In-One Walking Kit | PetSwag
All-In-One Walking Kit | PetSwag
All-In-One Walking Kit | PetSwag

All-In-One Walking Kit | PetSwag

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The PetSwag Walking Kit

The perfect bundle for enjoyable walks! This bundle offers our most popular dog walking products to make your dogs life better and your life easier. There are 3 products included are our signature Personalized No Pull Dog Harness, our Super Strength Dog Leash, and our Portable Pet Water Bottle!


  • PERSONALIZE YOUR HARNESS with your dog's name and your phone number so you will never worry about losing your dog again.
  • NO MORE PULLING - The harness trains your dog to walk beside you and restrain from pulling on the leash. It's the best harness for large & small dogs.
  • PREVENTS ALL CHOKING - The design on the harness pulls on the chest of the dog and not the neck/throat area. It is very unhealthy for any dog to use a collar or harness that pulls on their throat.
  • ESCAPE PROOF DESIGN - With the correct size your dog will never be able to get the harness off without unlocking the clips. We have done extensive research and are confident you will never have an accident.


  • SUPER STRONG NYLON MATERIAL - Never worry about your old leash breaking or tearing on your during your walk.
  • FOAM ERGONOMIC GRIP - Perfect For People with dogs who pull, or anyone with sensitive hands.
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE STRIPS - For ultimate safety when walking at night time.
  • 5 FEET LONG - The estimated safe length for walking your dogs in cities or suburbs, this leash will do the trick.


  • KEEP YOUR DOG REFRESHED - During walks most dog owners never consider how thirsty dogs can be but with this product you never have to worry!
  • SUPER EASY | GRAB & GO - Never deal with the hassle of carrying a water bottle and a bowl trying to let your dog drink during walks.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, DURABLE, & SAFE - Our water bottle is made with high quality and completely safe materials.


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With Custom Products, Please Allow About 1-3 Weeks For Delivery.